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We take the healing process as a personal quest.

Family is everything, Since my Mother was diagnosed with Parkinson we try to stop her tremors with different options until my Sister's Husband starts to make Cold Pressed Oil and then...

Medicinal Oil

From 30 Episodes a Month to 1 or 2

My son has epilepsy and his life was not normal, he could not get a job or have a normal life, until I find Oil2live and start traveling from Antofagasta (northern Chile) to Valparaíso (central Chile) every month to get the medicinal oil. My son just laeve a few drops under his tongue every morning and now I am very happy to see him have a life after all.

Rosa Carreño


I use to have sleep problems, but now I take a teaspoon of Medicinal Oil and I fall asleep without problems feeling rested every morning.

Roberto Perez

A great Product

I bought the Oil from this Chilean Business to sell it in Argentina and my business has grown so much, people come from different cities just to get the Oil for themselves and their relatives

Pepe Aceites